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Past and Present contest winners:

Meeoko won first place with: 

Mature Content

Some other works:  HerI never knew her name. Nobody did.
She wasn’t like the other girls, though everyone was united beneath the black leather and metal studs we kept hidden from society. Where the others sang, she screamed. Where they swayed, she thrashed. Where they slowly ground their hips and maintained eye contact, she was lost beneath a curtain a wild, untamed hair; her rage and passion overtaking everything until there was only the music in her soul to guide her. Where others batted their eyelids and giggled, she was matching the men on the boxing machine – even beating some. They spat out their drinks in surprise, caught somewhere between admiration and disbelief.
She was incredibly beautiful, but she never realised it. I had thought she might’ve secretly, until I saw her turn a fierce red in the face of admiration. Above the flashing lights and screaming, she gracefully turned scores of men away and instead lost herself in the music; revealing every fear and rage in the way she da
  Palm Tres In The Snow by Meeoko

its-ok-bunny won second place with:  The Slug TrailMonday mornings are always awful. She looks out of her window and all she can see is rain. The sky is like a wound that will not convalesce, pouring all of its misfortunes down on the world to bear. Spring has been late to arrive; the clouds are heavy and thick, suffocating. The cup of coffee on the kitchen counter is steaming, and as she sips, it is scorching. Semi-contented from the self-inflicted stinging pain on her tongue, she looks at the raindrops on the glass window; they are little magnifying glasses.
The kitchen sink is full to the brim with dishes, and a slight aroma of decomposition lingers heavily. As she lights a cigarette the smoke twirls upwards perfectly, and stalely rests in the still air.
Mondays are always awful, but even more so when there is no reason to get out of bed, out of the front door. And then the days turn into weeks, and weeks into months, and by mid-spring she is still in the same fetal position under the covers. Her flowing brown hair is now tied in kn
Other works:  the bridge to winter by its-ok-bunny  deja vu by its-ok-bunny

AryaMay won third place with:  Whispers in the Wind
We ran through space once, chasing wreaths of fire
Through Heaven, through Hell, through laughter and ire;
Waltzed with the gods that were our own imaginations-
Brought down worlds and rose others through creation.
We both tried to solve the world's nonsensical equations
And lifted up the groundwork of all the past nations;
Grabbed the Apple, split the fruit, took a bite out of two,
And scoffed at everything under the sky’s azure blue.
But somewhere along the way, the mathematics fell apart,
The schematics of the world tore out its beating heart
Into the hands of Fate, who turned aside our eyes
And lifted iridescence; away did it fly.
But oh, we had been through times hard and cruel;
Though this time in the end, were we one or two fools
Convinced that time held together no more meaning
And that all of existence had nothing worth seeing?
Once we had tried to smash apart the dark lights
Those that made all known philosophies lose sight;
The rose’s black thorns, and the dragon
Other works:  Loveless
Still like dreaming, you hold me dear-
The Autumn night surreal, the silence bare;
The wind a still gossamer like web tangled wings,
Soft whispers touching of clementine dreams...
The gifts of the Goddess, we take to the skies
An embrace of twilight that between us, lies-
Of masquerading truths and clandestine desires,
And darkening lusts and kindling fires-
You spoke to me, on that Autumn's night
And gave me empty promises that still set me alight-
Temptations, bitter honey, multicolored leaves
All set to rot when spent the last of the eve-
And twisting your hands, you turned the world to naught-
All the hardships and toil to a heaven long sought
(A macabre antiphrasis) But yet still, you burn
The ice of reality turn on by turn-
I did not know sin, or really what innocence deemed
But am I a fool for accepting what seemed
Or rather, I knew to be an inevitable end
To be abandoned the day after only yet again?
Once we had danced under the full moon's glance
  APH: Fritz/Prussia- Ich werde hier sein... by AryaMay

Well done to all!! :clap: Everyone please check out their stuff if you have some time to spare!! :D :glomp: :squee:

Now for The Random yet Awesome ones:
The Violin Body by Matthordika by Matthordika
:thumb338169766: by Merdahn
:thumb380928498: by invivo
1966 Piaggio Vespa by SD1-art by the very talented SD1-art
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